Organized Beach Eot

Located next to the municipal camping site and in just 10’ walk (less by bike) from the city center the first organized municipal beach can get you away from all the bustle and hustle of the city offering you the ideal environment for swimming, sunbathing and giving you the opportunity to leave behind all your worries.

The municipal beach run by TIEDA S.A. is a quick solution for those seeking an organized beach in immediate vicinity to feel the breeze and cool off. You can swim –always under a lifeguard’s supervision - or relax on the sandy beach with just 1 euro entrance fee which takes in free sun beds and umbrellas, changing rooms, showers. Water sports can give you the chance to feel like a child. From early morning till late evening. you can enjoy your coffee, beer or the delicious tidbits “meze” at the beach bar. Available a free parking lot just outside, under the shade of poplar trees. The beach flies the Blue Flag.