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The municipality of Feres, is a relatively new organization established in 1987. The town of Feres is the seat of the municipality with a population of 10.000 people and an area of 411.000 m2 located 26 km north-east of Alexandroupolis. It is built on the slopes of a low hill, where the old Βyzantine town VIRA was.

The existence of VIRA town literally started with the construction of the Monastery Temple of Panayia Kosmosotira in 1152 by Isaakios Komninos, son of Alexios Komninos, emperor of Byzantine- who founded the Monastery of Panagia Kosmosotira near the Evros river and by the road connecting Traianoupolis and Constantinople. The monastery was protected by a great fortified wall and soon became the core of a city, developed by the gathering of habitants from neighbouring settlements.