The Evros Delta

Thousands of birds find shelter and food throughout the year at the Evros Delta. It  an essential resource, not only for the local community but for the whole humanity as well, due to its value for fishing, livestock, agriculture, climate, flood protection, education, recreation and science.

Nowadays, about half of the area of the wetland has been designated as protected, while more than 100,000 acres have been drained. Some of the most important parts of the area have been yielded to crop cultivation, downgrading the value of the wetland, especially for the breeding of wild animals. The numerous bird breeding in the Evros Delta (geese, herons, pelicans ,swans), the various fish species and the wild mammals are now only reported in narrations that bring nothing but memories and nostalgia. Despite all these, the Evros Delta is of vital importance for the wildlife, especially for birds, which are an attraction for many visitors, students, scientists and observers.