The Thermal Springs of Trajianoupolis are located 14 km   to the east of Alexandroupolis, on the National Road connecting Alexandroupolis and Ferres

The thermal springs of Trajianoupolis are officially recognized by the Hellenic State for its therapeutic properties considered amongst the most important ones   in Greece. The old and modern thermal facilities are directly adjacent to the homonymous archaeological site. They are marked as rich in hydro-sulfur-chloride-sodium with a temperature of 52o C.                                           The water of the springs is suitable not only for spa but  for mineral water therapy as well. It is recommended for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, gynecological ailments, peripheral nerve diseases, kidney diseases, bile, liver malfunction, and digestive disorders. Even after the completion of the treatment the beneficial effects of the spring water of Trajianoupolis still apply making evident how valuable and effective the use of these thermal springs can be.

As geothermal-mineral, rich in hydro-sulfur-chloride-sodium the springs of Traianoupolis are recommended for the following ailments:


Diabetes - Ailments of the kidney - Cystitis of the liver- Cholelithiasis - Cholecystitis- Gravels in the cholecyst and bile ducts – Liver malfunctions - Intrahepatic cholestatis - Post-cholecystectomy syndrome – Digestive disorders – Chronic gastritis – Constipation.


Rheumatoid arthritis – Ankylopoietic arthritis – Spondylarthritis – Arthropathies – Slipped disc – Arthritis – Lumbagos – Neuralgias - Gynecological ailments ( paramitritis, salpingitis, vaginitis, infertility, radiculitis)

In the Spa area one can taste delicious dishes -based on the local traditional cuisine- at “Hana”, a tavern-restaurant run by the Women Productive Cooperative of Loutra village.
The SPA is open from the end of April until the end of the year and the heating its installations thanks to the applied geothermic.
TIEDA S.A.- the Spa and Tourist Enterprise of Alexandroupolis Municipality –is hold responsible  for the SPA facilities.

Regular bus service connects the Spa to Alexandroupolis. In the site there is also a hotel, a mini market and a restaurant.


Jacuzzi : 6 €Bath : 5 €